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What is your project?(check as many as apply)*

Are you qualified traders?

Yes we are.
As well as being fully licensed ourselves,
we only used licensed and experienced tradespeople on our projects.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, definitely.
We offer complete guarantee of our bathroom renovations.
And when you don’t feel the service is done up to your satisfaction you can get it re-done for no extra charge.

Will I have to find the fixtures on my own?

Yes, Most clients prefer to choose their own fixtures and tiles.
You are free to use any fixture, fitting and tile supplier when renovating your bathroom with Dreamhome.

Do you offer a design service to help with fittings and tile selections?

Design advice is part of our service to you.
However, if you are really stuck on ideas or short on time to shop around for inspiration,
we can refer a selection of top end designers we regularly work with that can help you
with all your fitting, tile and colour selections and sourcing for a small fee.

Do you tile over tiles?

No. We guarantee our workmanship for ten years and therefore prefer to do it right the first time.
Your old tiles could be subject to movement over time, which may cause major problems down the track.
Removing wall and floor tiles and linings means we can check the existing plumbing and re-sheet walls.
This ensures a clean surface we can waterproof and to which we can adhere tiles.

Do you have references?

Yes. We can offer you the names and telephone numbers of a range of customers
whom you could talk to about their experience while working with us.
Take a moment to view some of our recent customer testimonials.

Does the person who quotes the job do the work?

Our director “Alex” will meet with you, quote your job and make sure what is discussed is carried out.
Alex will be there on the first day of work and along with you
and every trader to finish off your bathroom and clean up your place!

How long will my bathroom renovation take to finish?

Most typical projects take 15 to 20 working days,
however certain factors can cause renovations to take longer than anticipated.
Factors such as weather and selection choices are just some examples.
Cold or humid weather may mean waterproofing and rendering take longer to dry.
Fully-framed screens can take three to five working days from measure,
while frameless screens can take up to 10 working days.
We provide you with a detailed timeline before beginning your project.

What areas do you service?

“Dreamhome” is a canberra bathroom renovation company, with a focus on all around canberra.
If however you live outside these areas, that’s not a problem, as we do travel as required.

How much will my bathroom renovations cost?

The exact cost of your bathroom will essentially depend upon your scope of works and choice of fittings and tiles.

But we supply the flat trader price and It wouldn’t be much different from the price on our price list.
Contact us for an obligation-free quote more information.

Contact us now for a free quote on your project